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Kaffir Lime – Uses, Health Benefits and Facts

August 27, 2012


Kaffir Lime – Uses, Health Benefits and Facts

Kaffir Lime – Uses, Health Benefits and Facts

Kaffir lime is a type of lime native to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Laos. This lime is also popular as limau purut, combava, jeruk purut and maskrut lime. This species of fruit is used in several cuisine of Southeast Asian country. In Thai cooking, this citrus fruit is indispensable and cannot be replaced by any other kind of citrus. Juice prepared from this citrus fruit is aromatic. Scientifically, the fruit is termed as Citrus hystrix.


The tree producing kaffir lime is small in size stretching to a height of 2-3meters. The branches as well as the trunk of the trees are covered with spines. The leaves are dark green in color and are rounded in shape. Flowers of the tree are small and are pinkish-white in color. The fruit starts appearing from the winter months.

Habitat and Distribution

The fruit is commonly seen growing in parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Cambodia. This citrus fruit is widely popular in India and people love to eat this fruit frequently.

Nutritional Fact

This fruit is comprised of high nutritional value and that is why all of us should have this fruit in the winter months.

Kaffir Uses

The fruit is of great usage. Apart from having the fruit raw, Kaffir lime is used in Lao and Thai Curry paste that adds an astringent flavor to the dish. The zest of the fruit is used in creole cuisine and is also added to rums for the flavor. The leaves are used dried and can be kept frozen also. The leaves are also used in Indonesian cuisine.

Kaffir Health Benefits

The fruit also offer some health benefits as well. The oil that is present in the rind is used to make several ointments as well as tonics beneficial for the blood and circulatory system. The oil also helps in improvement of the digestive system. The juice of this lime is used for brushing teeth and gums.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts of Kaffir Lime

  • These limes are not considered as true limes.
  • The leaflets of the tree are known for having hourglass shape
  • The juice is believed to be avert evil spirit.

Side Effects

Over consumption can lead to several side-effects. Those who are allergic to citrus fruit should not consume this fruit.

Kaffir Lime – Uses, Health Benefits and Facts


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